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Male Ficent

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"the act of breaking away or withdrawing from"

Secession Studios is the boutique music library of composer Greg Dombrowski aka thesecession. Browse his vast library of emotion-full compositions here. Secession's publishers include the world renown BMG & Immediate Music.


Secession has produced 15+ unique music albums and scored 10+ films. Frequently collaborating with Syndicate Seven Films




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Monetized Youtube Usage:

If you wish to monetize your youtube content and use our music, you must purchase our Youtube License. This will allow you to remove any copyright claims as well as monetize your video while using our music.

Free Youtube Usage:

Yes, you may freely use our music in non-monetized Youtube videos. Youtube may place an advertisement on your video on our behalf. To remove this advertisement, you must purchase our Youtube License.

Commercial Licensing

Please fill out the License Request form, or contact us directly Our rates vary per project.

Non Profit Licensing

We are happy to support non-profit companies and offer free usage of our music in such projects. You must still contact us for a license / approval. It’s our way of supporting people striving to make a difference!